What to Look for When Choosing a Creative Agency



Having spent the last 20+ years running a creative agency I have had a lot of successful, and a few not so successful, client relationships. Time and time again the clients that are the most enjoyable to work with are the ones who consistently bring out the best work from our creative team. By reverse engineering my life as an agency executive I have been able to come up with a few simple tips that I believe will help you find an agency that’s right for you.

1) Find an agency who produces great work. An agency is only as good as it’s latest work so find a team who consistently produces amazing creative time and time again. For some agencies there can be a lot of turn over and the designers who produced their best work are long gone. Ask who is going to be working on your account and find out what projects they have worked on. Also ask who on their team will be working on your account and what kind of experience they have. It’s important that your agency is able to translate your brand’s vision into powerful creative that builds your brand and drives your sales time and time again. (more…)