Stroller-Boarding, What The ?

We recently came across this rad new invention that we think is perfect for those adrenaline junkie moms and dads out there. With the creation of the longboard baby stroller all you crazy parents are now able to cruise the streets with your little ones.

This baby buggy invention is an innovative take on the longboard, with the seat section of a child’s stroller attached to the front, and a long board for mom or dad to stand on the back. Now, if you’re thinking, “But wait, is this crazy invention really safe?” Well according to Quinny, the developers of the longboard stroller, the product has been developed, tested and approved for optimal safety.

So, if you are keen on getting your child hooked on adrenaline rushes, or perhaps you just want a new way to cruise with your child, you now have a convenient opportunity to purchase one. Happy stroller-boarding!

New Invention- Longboard Stroller

Driftwood Brewery Skateboard Sticker Collage

Not sure about you, but I used to spend HOURS looking through the selection of eye popping stickers at my local skate shop when I was a little skate rat in the late 80’s. Then after making the well thought out decisions I’d carefully apply the stickers to my skate deck to look like a randomly placed sticker collage. Well, news flash: it’s still fun decades later! Now I recommend using Driftwood beer bottle labels though. Although it does seem to make you really thirsty while skating….