Regardless of timing or budgets we always follow the same simple three step process.

Step 1

We come to fully understand the brand, its promise, position, essence and vision. It’s here where we uncover key truths that are the foundation for building the brand.

Step 2

We take our findings and we reduce them into that one big idea that we then take forward across all marketing platforms.

Step 3

We get creative and bring our findings to life visually. By this stage we fully understand all aspects of the brand so we can be sure that our creative is on path to succeed.


FreeBird Agency is your one stop shop when it comes to building a powerful brand from the gound up, or if you have an existing brand and are looking to take it to the next level.

Brand Strategy

This is long-term marketing support for your brand; think of it like a road map to success. Based on the characteristics of the target group(s) we’ll make sure your brand strategy is the driving force behind smart and effective marketing communications over the long haul.

Name Development

What is in a name? A lot–especially when considering the myriad of traditional and technological variables in todays marketing world. Freebird will help you develop that timeless, memorable and effective brand name.

Branding + Logo Development

Image is everything. Well, that may not be 100% true but it definitely has a HUGE impact on how your brand is perceived by customers. Freebird are absolute experts in developing distinctive logo designs and overall brand aesthetics that stand out.

Brand Building

Could your existing brand be reaching more people, making more sales and generally turning more heads? We’ll help enhance your brand’s equity through brand building advertising, promotions, social media and other marketing applications.


Here’s where we combine strategic copy writing, bold imagery and savvy media applications to inform the public about your brand’s message. You’ve got something to say, let’s make sure they hear it.


Design is the realization of a concept or idea into a tangible configuration. In this case that configuration is visually compelling communications media that tirelessly champions your brand to the public.

Web Design

Extremely powerful and ever changing; the web is where the magic happens for your brand. OK, so it’s not really magic, it’s actually sophisticated computer code that brings the marriage of color, layout, copy and overall graphical design to life on the web.


Freebird specializes in compelling lifestyle photography that showcases the personality of your brand and brings your message to life.


Consulting comes in the form of professional opinions regarding branding or general business decisions. We’re deeply experienced in the communications media world and would love to offer you some advice.

Social Media Planning and Implementation

Much more than just embarrassing party photos, there is no denying that social media is a very effective internet and mobile device based medium to share marketing messaging among a large group of people. We’ll make sure you are sharing the right message to the right group.

Directing & Producing

Wether it’s a logo, advertisement, brochure, website or full video our creative and art direction ensures that your brand’s message is consistent, professional and buzz worthy. Once we’ve solidified the direction we also produce the end product to ensure total marketing synergy.

Integrated Communications Platforms

Freebird creates dynamic communications platforms and supporting documentation that evaluates the strategic roles of competitive analysis, advertising, public relations, personal selling and sales promotions for your brand. In less technical terms: we make sure you climb the awesome-o-meter to 100% and stay there.

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