Gran Fondo

GranFondo Canada came to FreeBird Agency with a problem. As a premier cycling event that holds long distance rides for passionate riders in both Whistler and Banff, the company began to experience a drop in the number of participants over the last several years. Road cyclists, primarily upper class males, traditionally are hard to market to, but FreeBird Agency was able to cut through the clutter and engage their participants in a way that they felt connected. As a result, both the Banff and Whistler rides in 2015 were up for the first time in years. Dry humour, slick design and powerful imagery, along with some innovative ad buys and email marketing, was all that it took. Sales have only just stated, but already the RBC GranFondo Banff and RBC GranFondo Whistler are well ahead of last year’s numbers. We are looking forward to another fun year of marketing cycling to the world.

For the GranFondo brands FreeBird Agency was responsible for creating.
– Creative Direction
– Brand Personality
– Branding
– Pay per Click Advertising
– Social Media Marketing

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