Case Study – You Move Me Brand Creation Story


FreeBird Agency Brands North America’s Largest (& Newest) Moving Company

FreeBird Agency’s latest branding project for You Move Me is set to change the way that people think about their local movers. In the past no one liked moving because the people who moved you were untrustworthy, they usually broke things, they showed up late and when they finished they usually left a mess. Thankfully those days are a thing of the past.

North America’s newest, coolest, and largest local moving company is the brain child of 1-800-GOT-JUNK? founder Brian Scudamore. Brian knew that to break consumers’ perceptions of the traditional crappy moving company, he was in need of a unique and eye catching brand that reflected his new, clean cut, professional but quirky moving company. When choosing a creative agency to develop his latest mega project, Brian chose Noel Fox’s team of creative superstars at FreeBird Agency.

“A huge thanks to Noel and the team at FreeBird Agency for doing such an outstanding job on the You Move Me branding. Everyone, including myself, is absolutely LOVING the work that you have created.

– Brian Scudamore – 1-800-GOT-JUNK? & You Move Me founder


Building a Brand from the Foundation Up

Brian’s vision was to create a fun and fresh moving company that provides its clients with a refreshing and pleasant moving experience. The FreeBird team worked closely with Brian through this project to ensure that his vision for his new, yet to be named company was well positioned to revolutionize the moving industry. His goal was to use a similar business model to 1-800-GOT-JUNK? and create a highly motived, organized, friendly and quirky moving company that would change the way people think about their local movers. The new brand needed to be approachable, not too masculine, impactful, at times pleasantly disruptive to its environment, and  win the trust of all North Americans.

What’s in a Name?

Creating a powerful brand starts with developing a solid brand strategy, so that’s where we started. In doing so, we knew that we had to reinvent the way consumers thought about their local moving company. To do so, we had to start with a name that was fun, approachable and easy to remember. Working with Brian and his team we embarked on creating a fresh and memorable name. From a wealth of possible names, You Move Me tested the best as being easy to remember, loved by the target market and highly ownable. Thus the You Move Me name was born.

Our next step in our branding process was to create a mood board for You Move Me. The mood board is an important part of the FreeBird Agency creative process. Its purpose is to show the client the visual mood and overall feeling of the brand. The board is an internal piece that’s created using both found and designed images. The board features design style(s), photography styles, and the general visual tone of voice of the brand to come. Once all of the key stake holders are on board with each and every image in the mood board, we then start on the actual design and creation of the new brand. Using our time tested process for developing powerful brands enabled us to focus on creative solutions that we knew were on brand and sure to meet the client’s short and long term goals.

The Logo

You Move Me is an international brand with locations set to launch in most of North America’s largest metropolitan areas. When targeting such a huge demographic we had to establish a few crucial principles that needed to be present in the design: friendliness, consistency, adaptability, legibility, inclusivity, visual “pop” and an emotional engagement. With this in mind we took out the trusty graphite and started sketching up our rough ideas.


Lots of really great visual identities were developed and the logo that met all the criteria was the word bubble inspired design. It brings forward the emotional engagement of someone, or something, speaking to the viewer that they are being moved. “You Move Me” also plays on the emotional side which speaks to more than just the physical moving of something. This resonated internally with our team so we digitized it and presented it along with two other design options to Brian and his team. It was a hit with everyone and in short order the concept was approved to move forward to the next stages of creative planning for the brand.



The logo itself uses high-contrast white typography dropped out of black–a great balance of eye catching and legibility. For us, it was important that it was more than just function though; it also had to have an aesthetically pleasing modernist vibe to it.


Freebird Agency’s creative work on the You Move Me brand is a rock solid foundation for the funnest (yeah, it’s a word), largest and most trusted moving company in North America. The marketing materials FreeBird continues to develop for them will echo that outgoing, honest and playful personality.

YouMoveMe Box



Website Design

The You Move Me website was designed to continue the fun feeling of the brand in a culmination of design elements, copywriting and photography. Equally important is that the interface is very easy for customers to use to book a move or get boxes, tips and other information.


Photography Style and Model Choice

To further separate You Move Me from the competition, we chose to use authentic people who are not models for our photo shoots. We also made sure to shoot them actually having fun, rather than posing for a typical fashion shoot. FreeBird Agency founder Noel Fox, worked closely with photographer Anthony Redpath and his team when shooting for this campaign. This result was a series of great photographs that are both bright and friendly, perfectly reflecting the You Move Me brand.



You Move Me’s tone of voice for its copywriting also had to be completely authentic to its core values and be in line with its visual elements: fun, outgoing, yet honest and trustworthy. FreeBird Agency partnered with long time friend and award winning copy writer Ryan Leason who helped develop a multitude of great verbiage including headlines such as “If you hate moving, you’ll really love us.” or “When you move with us, it’s almost fun!”. This helped to further set the fun and fresh tone on the website and in the printed materials.

More Design Elements


business card


“The FreeBird Agency creative process works really well for me because it starts with listening to my wants and needs, doing internal research so they fully understand the competitive landscape, creating Mood Boards to establish a unique look and feel, and from there they create outstanding brand creative.

I was expecting greatness and FreeBird Agency far exceeded my expectations.”

Brian Scudamore – 1-800-GOT-JUNK? & You Move Me founder