FreeBird Agency was founded by the long time advertising professional Noel Fox. Noel has been an Agency Director and a Creative Director for over 20 years. Noel has a wealth of experience in building global brands from the ground up, including helping to brand and market the mega yoga brand, lululemon.

Noel Fox saw an opportunity to rethink the way that agencies traditionally worked with their clients. What if there was an agency that was able to pull from a global pool of top creatives, hand picking each member of the team so that their skills perfectly matched up with their clients’ needs? Thus was born FreeBird Agency.

Our growing creative team includes staff from Vancouver, New York, LA, Brazil, Hong Kong and Tokyo. We are a global agency with clients and creative projects all around the world. This said, our head office is located in one of the most creative and beautiful cities in the world, Vancouver, Canada. If you have yet to come for a visit, please do! We know you will love it!

Prior to FreeBird Agency, Noel was the Co Founder and Director at the Vancouver Advertising Agency, Cowie and Fox.